Stunning 3,500 sq. ft. turnkey home, with an open floor plan! Gourmet kitchen with granite, island, & breakfast bar opens to spacious family room with surround sound. Luxurious owners suite with deluxe bath room. Finished basement offers endless opportunities. The exterior offers a large, composite deck, storage shed, fenced yard, & beautiful landscaping. Sought after location-close to shopping, Pax. River, & more.

5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-014-10-Kitchen-666x445-72dpi5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-001-8-Exterior Front-666x445-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-002-15-Exterior Front-666x444-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-003-28-Exterior Front-666x445-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-004-2-Front Porch-666x444-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-005-16-Front Porch-334x500-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-017-18-Kitchen-666x444-72dpi5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-014-10-Kitchen-666x445-72dpi5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-015-7-Kitchen-666x445-72dpi5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-016-41-Kitchen-666x444-72dpi5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-013-21-Kitchen-666x445-72dpi5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-012-40-Family Room-666x444-72dpi5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-011-36-Family Room-666x444-72dpi5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-010-20-Family Room-666x444-72dpi5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-006-4-Entryway-666x444-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-007-6-Entryway-666x444-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-018-38-Dining Room-666x444-72dpi5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-008-5-Office-666x444-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-009-25-Half Bathroom-666x444-72dpi          5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-019-11-Second Floor Landing-666x444-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-020-23-Master Bedroom-666x444-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-021-35-Master Bedroom-666x444-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-022-17-Master Bedroom-666x444-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-023-9-Master Bath-666x445-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-024-13-Master Bath-666x445-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-025-14-Master Bath-334x500-72dpi  5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-027-19-Bedroom-666x444-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-028-37-Bedroom-666x444-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-029-22-Bathroom-666x444-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-030-3-Bathroom-334x500-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-031-24-Bedroom-666x444-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-032-34-Bedroom-666x444-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-033-26-Bedroom-666x444-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-034-32-Bedroom-666x444-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-026-1-Laundry Room-334x500-72dpi5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-035-12-Finished Basement-666x445-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-036-29-Finished Basement-666x444-72dpi 5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-039-30-Deck-666x444-72dpi5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-038-31-Exterior Back-666x445-72dpi5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-040-33-Deck-666x444-72dpi5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-037-39-Back Yard-666x444-72dpi    5640 Mills Field Ln Port-small-041-27-Back Yard-666x444-72dpi


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