If you’re a fan of luxurious living, welcome home to this stunning residence. Perfectly situated on almost 5 acres in sought-after Tanglewood, this modern Mediterranean style aims to emulate the feeling of being in a luxurious seaside villa. As you approach from the roadside, the exterior features a sprawling, symmetrical facade and arched widow trim, complete with a side-loading garage. A beautifully designed back yard accommodates social gatherings and everyday pleasure. Entertain poolside in the European-style courtyard, overlooking the resort-style pool and water feature. Open the front door and find yourself surrounded by a simple yet elegant design. Each element of this home has been carefully chosen by a local designer, and blends comfort with modern day living. A color palette that’s inspired by nature, only enhances the breezy layout. Completely open to the living space, the kitchen showcases stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and timeless white cabinetry. The wood burning fireplace adds an organic warmth to the space and creates a unique accent in the living room. Down the hall, the Master suite is a retreat! The spacious Master features rear deck access and a custom en-suite with dual vanities and walk-in shower. A finished lower level offers a family room, equipped with a bar and wood burning fireplace. Contact us for a private showing!

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